About Us

Megatech Consulting provides premier executive IT and technical recruiting services. Our specialized recruitment process sources talent and ensures that candidates are specifically qualified for a position through a specialized vetting process. Megatech Consulting is staffed by IT specialists who have the expertise to not only recruit candidates but to fully understand job requirements and industry needs.
Unlike most staffing companies, we are not recruiters in the IT field. We are IT specialists in the recruiting field.

Our Approach

We are not recruiters in the IT field. We are IT specialists that know what it takes, we are IT consultants in the recruiting field. 

MegaTech | IT Specialists

The Megatech Consulting approach is as specialized and technical as our background. We have an efficient and reliable model that engages and supports both employers and candidates through the recruitment process. Our staff customizes the process to fit the individual profiles in each case. We work to understand our employers, their needs, and their job offerings, as well as come to know our candidates, build trust, confidence and become thoroughly familiar with their specialties and capabilities. In this way, we support employers and stand behind our candidates.

  • Trainee program for young talents with big ambitions.

  • Artboard 22

    Relocation and full support for experts from cities.

  • 100+ experts who work in different industry fields.

Our Recruiters

Our recruiters are IT and technical specialists. Their understanding of the IT industry ensures that they are capable of sourcing candidates that not only match requirements on paper but ensure that they have the required expertise. Our specialists go beyond the resume because they can specifically vet clients’ proffered technical knowledge. We have unparalleled confidence in candidates because we trust our Megatech Consulting recruiters.